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Tidbits and Thoughts

I'd like to use this page to share with you some of my thoughts of inspiration and anything else that seems appropriate to share.

My Mantra:  Everything is in Divine Perfect Order

     In other words - stop thinking things are not going the way you want them to. Stop worrying and go with the flow. Allow life to happen and begin seeing events and situations with curiosity instead of Judgment. Never doubt that "I am a perfect being, living under perfect conditions. ... Everything that I think, say, or do today shall be thought, said, or done from the spiritual viewpoint of God in everything! ..." from Rev. Angela Peregoff

  • Yesterday is gone and done, Tomorrow doesn't exist yet and Today, in this moment is the only thing that is REAL. Embrace it and be positive.

  • Losing one's home and all possessions is a very real 'loss'. Allow yourself to grieve. Everything that you chose to surround yourself with was an expression of 'you'.  Acknowledge that a piece of you is gone, search for who you are without that identity and find peace and joy in who you are without that label.


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