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Meditation Classes


Do you live in Idaho's Magic Valley or Boise areas?  Would you like to learn how to do meditation?


To begin your new life with less stress and more joy, I am offering  8 hours of personal instruction for $80.


Make a 4 week commitment. Just 2 hours per session, one session per week for 4 weeks.

You will be amazed by your personal transformation. 

Don't hesitate to sign up.


Tell me what day and time works for you. Let's get started!  (one-to-one or groups)


Daytime and evening classes available.  What time works for you?   My place or yours? - I'm flexable.

Classes can be held in a student home under certain conditions. It is imperative that space be comfortable and quiet with no pets, human or other interruptions during class time. 



Please call me at 208-539-6950 or 

I learned the Berkeley Psychic Institute method of Meditation in 2007 and have been using those meditating tools ever since. I am now wanting to share the tools I learned with those that are ready to find more peace in their soul and ease in their daily lives. 



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