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Have you ever asked yourself:

Why should I go on? Why am I still here? What’s left for me?


The first 50 years of my life offered many challenges . . . 


My youngest son, Patrick, struggled to survive after suffering heart failure and brain damage at 8 days old. For 2 ½ years I cherished every breath he took. When he died, I thought I could never hurt like that again.


Sixteen years later, after finally feeling whole again, I experienced a series of losses that brought me to my knees. In a short 18 months I lost my only remaining son, my husband, my mother and our beloved dog.

Finding myself completely alone, I struggled to find answers. With my faith in God and other spiritual tools, I found the healing I so desperately needed. Now my life is completely different. I’ve let go of all of the tragedy, no longer letting it affect me or asking “why.” I love the life I’ve created, living for today, and teaching others how to do the same.  


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A great Full-Color cook book for all generations; young adults just getting started, those enjoying the RV life-style, empty-nesters or the well-experienced cooks that have had to downsize after many years of cooking for a family. 

This 90 page book is coil-bound, opens like a calendar so it can stand on it's own for easy viewing and pages are matte finish to resist spills and splatters.


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“Outstanding!!!! I can't find the words to express the many emotions I felt while reading this book. Anyone that has lost a loved one would benefit from reading about the journey portrayed by Sandra. I would recommend this book.”​  Tom Kinyon/N Kinyon

“A wonderful heartfelt journey from the depths of despair and grief to an awareness of faith and love. Some walk the same road, depicted so emotionally by Sandra, but become lost in the vast swamp of sorrow. The author rises above her grief in a story that is inspiring and should be read by everyone, whatever their race, creed or religion for it is a tale of the realization of the immortality of the human spirit and the cleansing of a troubled soul with the blessings of love. Read this book for a genuine, spiritual experience.”  Forkbeard53/Dave V


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